Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Zebina Got Married

The 'ceremony' was at 7:15 PM in my bathroom, after the reluctant groom had settled in my sink long enough for me to catch him. "Zebadiah" quickly settled into his new home and the happy pair are canoodling as I type this. After I went online and discovered that Zebina is indeed a female, I went to get her a companion, because she seemed so lonely in that big cage (they also have two new perches, a cuttle bone and some toys). I didn't even watch as the young lady at Pet Smart snatched my new bird and boxed it up. It wasn't until I got home and got him in the cage that I realized I had a male (the deep orange beak, bright red cheeks and larger tail fan were the giveaways). Who knows, I may end up with Zebra Finch chicks.
I had no idea that directing a show would lead to a whole new world of pets for me. I still need a stand (right now, the cage is on a plant stand, but it's getting cold and my plants have to come inside soon) and a tray to catch the seeds they seem to delight in knocking to the floor. And truthfully, Zebadiah is still a little freaked out after his box-to-bathroom-to-cage adventures, but he'll settle in quite nicely. They spent about about an hour together, huddled atop the wicker "nest," peeping and squeaking away. Now they are both hopping and flying about, getting used to each other (though they were probably together in the store for a while and just need to get re-acquainted).
A short and simple post tonight. I'm still catching up on television and am off to Chicago on a business trip for my day-job on Friday. I'll start renting movies again next week and maybe writing about them sooner.
As always, more of this anon.

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