Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Politics (Both Humorous and Serious)

I try to be relatively apolitical. But some things are just too near and dear to my heart to ignore. You may have read my previous post about California's Proposition 8, which would amend that State's constitution to ban same-sex marriage. There is a similar item on the Florida (where my sister lives) ballot, Amendment 2. Here is someone we all know with his thoughts on that issue:
Now, just a fun little anti-Prop 8 music video from Mandy Steckelberg that I thought was both hilarious and true:
And finally, if this was a real campaign video, I might actually consider voting for her:
Vote your hearts, folks. You know what's right and what isn't. America is supposed to be the land of opportunity for all, not just those of a particular belief system. Okay, I swear, unless it's particularly funny, I won't be posting about politics again. I just brought home three new DVDs to review and will post about those, soon.
As always, more of this, anon.

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