Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Most Recent Musical

For the first time in months, I actually pulled up my unfinished musical (I can't tell you the title here, as it is an adaptation of a film to which I do not yet have the rights to adapt) and wrote a little tonight.

I finished the dialog for the last scene in progress and started the penultimate scene - less than a whole page, if truth be told, but still more than I have written since the auditions for The Skin of Our Teeth, back in early August.
The creative process is a bizarre one, to say the least. 90% of what I've written so far poured out of me in a six-week burst of creativity between directing What the Butler Saw and The Skin of Our Teeth. And I think the stuff written in those six weeks includes some of my best lyrics, ever (I'm particularly proud of the songs "Miami," "Staple in My Navel," "Pretend It Was a Dream" and "They Say It Ain't Natural" ). But the show still has quite a way to go before I can even approach a composer (anyone interested in writing music for a 'Hillbilly Horror' parody?), let alone a potential producer.
But somehow, I still have confidence in this particular show's potential. The original film, a 1960's drive-in shocker, has plenty of modern fans. And the fairly recent successful productions of Batboy and Evil Dead: The Musical give me hope that this kind of show can be a hit. I just need to find others who believe in it's potential as much as I do. This could very well be the one...
Or, I could simply be deluding myself.
A month ago, a production company contacted me about about a screenplay I'd published online, expressing interest in optioning it for possible production, which was a big ego-booster. Of course, I have heard nothing from them since. But, no matter. I write for myself, as all writers must do, and as I do on this blog. I know of at least one person (a dear, dear friend) who reads this regularly. Maybe there is someone else out there reading this and thinking, "I believe in you, too." If you're out there, please let me know.
More of this, anon.

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