Thursday, October 9, 2008

October Horror

October is a Horror fan's favorite time of year. This October proves no exception, with several new movies hitting theaters.

Quarantine (Oct 10). A TV news crew follows firefighters into a building on an emergency call, only to find themselves trapped inside with something (s) that look mighty frightening. This is a remake of the Korean horror film "[Rec.]" (as in 'record' on a video camera).

Let the Right One In (Oct 24). This Swedish vampire film has an unusual twist - the vampires are children. A bullied young boy makes friends with the new neighbor girl, who happens to be killing off the kids who bully him.

Saw V (Oct 24). Okay, the last one was pretty lame (despite how much I loved the first one). They are promising that V will be the last, so we'll see.

Of course, you could wait until January for David Goyer's ("The Dark Knight" screenwriter) new horror movie, The Unborn. I don't have a video to embed, but you can see the trailer at MTV:


I'm off on a business trip this weekend, so I won't be posting again until Sunday night. As always, more of this anon.


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