Thursday, June 27, 2013

New Music Quickie: Father Tiger

Greg Delson and John Russell are Father Tiger

MUST get to bed early (or at least earlier), so I hadn't planned on posting at all tonight.

That was of course, until I came across the video I am about to share. I'd only encountered Father Tiger one other time* before coming across this clip on Towleroad tonight. And I was very pleasantly surprised.

'First Love' is an instantly infectious song with a decidedly danceable 80's vibe and an absolutely charming video featuring the adorable Father Tiger frontmen: Greg Delson and John Russell. Please don't ask me which is which - I don't know but I'm sure everyone will know soon. Especially if they keep putting out stuff this fun and timely:

*The first time I saw/heard them was in their homoerotic competition video for their Rockabilly single "Head Hung Low" (embedded below) and thought "Hmmm." Of course, after hearing/seeing 'First Love,' I revisited the former and am now officially declaring myself a fan:

I think I may have been too distracted to appreciate the music, the first time I saw that... Watch it again, but listen to the song, this time.

But it was their cover of Adele's 'Set Fire to the Rain' that sealed the deal for Uncle P:

Reminiscent of Pet Shop Boys; Yaz; The Psychedelic Furs and any other number of 80's groups and singers, Father Tiger is the essence of pop music, with some decidedly timely messages thrown in for measure. I adore these guys and wish (and predict) only good things for them!

Love, love, LOVE these boys! I am adding Father Tiger to my Amazon Wishlist as soon as I finish this post. Which is now.

More, anon.

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