Friday, May 20, 2011


Well, I suppose this is my (and every other blogger's) last post. After tomorrow, there won't be any electricity to power the Internet and none of us will be able to communicate, except maybe by semaphore and/or smoke signal.

Of course, we'll all be too busy dealing with the Tribulation to really care about the Internet. Or anything else. 

So, do you think there'll be zombies? I hope so. Undoubtedly there will be looting. And lots of raping and murdering and who knows what other kinds of insanity. I know I've loaded in enough vodka and Astroglide to see me through the end of October, just in case. And I have plenty of ammo, axes, machetes and a flame-thrower for the zombies. Not that it will matter when the planet explodes in a fireball like the Death Star on October 21st.

I suppose I could just repent at the last minute and become a Christian, thus assuring my assumption into Heaven. Honestly, I'd rather just go to Heaven, the gay bar in London. That is assuming there will still be planes flying to the U.K.

Oh, and if you should get to Heaven tomorrow night, please tell my grandmother that as much as I love her, the thought of listening to stories about Bingo and how my mother ruined her plans for my father becoming a priest for all eternity is not exactly my idea of Eternal Bliss.

By the way, when nothing special happens tomorrow and Harold Camping and his followers are busy making excuses (or being completely embarrassed by having quit their jobs and given up their homes), please join in me in continuing our lives in exactly the same way as we always have. 

I will admit though, the anti-Christ does walk among us.

More certainly, anon.

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Leslie Clement said...

Alas, we will never get to meet in person, Brian. See ya next lifetime.