Friday, September 11, 2009

A New Favorite Band

It's been a long time since I last fell in love with a musician or band. And I don't want to think about how long it's been since I've been to a concert (but damn, I saw some really great ones).

My musical taste, as eclectic as it is, runs toward older stuff these days. I like very little modern pop, simply because it's overplayed to death (the fact that I can still listen to Beyonce's "Single Ladies" without throwing up is a testament to the girl's genius). And most of today's indie music is crap (if I hear one more song off the Juno soundtrack, I WILL throw up). And let's not even talk about Lady GagMe; Miley; Xtina or any of the other bio-engineered pop stars out there (and God bless Joel McHale for letting me who these crazy biatches are, on his marvelous little basic-cable program).

Anyway - to the point. I recently discovered these guys when someone (and forgive me for being too lazy to look it up) posted a fan-made video for their song "Two Weeks." They are Grizzly Bear and the more I hear of their stuff, the more I want to hear more. Funky, moody, weird and so listenable. Here's a repost of that gorgeous papercraft-animation for "Two Weeks:"

I just love that song! Then today, the always insightful JA at MyNewPlaidPants posted this video of his favorite song from their latest album:

How to describe these guys and their sound? The visuals in their label-produced videos, like the one above, are certainly striking and somehow, oddly appropriate. Even more surreal is the video for the song "Knife," from their earlier CD, Yellow House:

That's an amazing song! I'm finishing this post and going to Amazon to buy Grizzly Bear CDs. I suggest you do so, as well.

More, anon.



Stephen said...

you have such good taste!

Prospero said...

Now that you mention it, I do. :)