Friday, September 18, 2009

And Still Another Quick One

Having now listened to the astonishing "Yellow House" for the second time, I have added the entire Grizzly Bear catalog to my Amazon Wish List. I've been trying for days to come up with a way to describe their unique musical style.

Obviously influenced by the Beatles and 70's "Art Rock" bands like Genesis (before Phil Collins ruined them); Yes and Pink Floyd, Grizzly Bear might best be described as "New Age Folk Rock ala Cirque du Soleil via John Lennon with Rick Wakeman on Keyboards. " Does that make any sense at all? I suppose to Grizzly Bear fans, it might. Still, it seems lacking somehow. How can one describe one of the most unique sounds in modern music? Like I said, it's been a long time since I've become so completely enamored of a band...

Anyway - Bridge opened well, I suppose. The house was small, but appreciative and the poor guy playing "Eddie" nearly amputated his thumb on stage, performing business (cutting an apple) he's been doing for weeks without incident. I am starting to enjoy myself, and find great pleasure in talking like (you should pardon the expression) a 'Brooklyn Guido.' I've even gotten myself a 1950's Flattop haircut and I now look like your high school's football Coach (Drop an' gimme twenny!).

I'm seeing Jennifer's Body Sunday morning (AMC has cheap tickets for shows before noon), and my review will follow, anon.



Stephen said...

Aren't they great...& cute?
I am seeing them live in October, at a really small venue (probably the last time they will play someplace this small). I hear some Beach Boys in there too.

Prospero said...

Now that you mention it, yes. Of course, they make all of it uniquely their own, which is one of the many reasons to love them. Their stuff is so layered and complex, yet deceptively simple upon first or even second listening.

Prospero said...

And their weird, often enigmatic lyrics just add to the fun.