Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fallen Heroes

What happened here? Three seasons ago, NBC's "Heroes" was a sensational, fresh and exciting series featuring a mostly gorgeous cast of talented folks under the eye of series creator Tim Kring. It was about average, everyday folks who suddenly find themselves imbued with extraordinary powers. There was the Perky Cheerleader; the Hot Male Nurse; the Sexy Stoic Senator; the Japanese Business Drone and the Online Stripper. Each had discovered they had special abilities. The Cheerleader couldn't die; the Senator could fly; the Drone could bend the Space/Time Continuum. They were all connected in some mysterious way ("Save the Cheerleader; Save the World") and audiences (myself included) ate it up.

Then in season 2, it all went to hell.

But, like a good middle-aged fanboy, I stuck with it. It had to get better, I thought. They'll get their groove back, I was sure. But they didn't. Season 3 was only slightly better (and better still when head-writer Bryan Fuller returned after the premature cancellation of his brilliant "Pushing Daisies" on a rival network). And last night was the premiere of Season 4. And even though Part 1 was written by Kring, I still miss the excitement of Season 1. Yes, they introduced a whole new set of characters (including a a group of carnies led by "Prison Break" alum, Robert Knepper) and the original characters are trying to get back to a sense of normalcy in their lives, which could make for some interesting conflict. But, alas, it was not meant to be. The two hour premiere was dull at best; silly at worst (Hiro and Ando reduced to rescuing kittens for little girls?).

I will admit - I'll keep watching. And I'll keep hoping the show gets better. It's been reported that Claire (the Cheerleader) may dabble in a lesbian relationship* (though I'd much prefer Peter or Nathan dabbling in same-sex play date), and the carnival angle may well be just what the show needs. Seriously, if Darth Maul himself can't lift the show out of it's slump, nothing can. But I fear it has been irreparably damaged and will devolve into a silly, boring mess by May. I think this may well be "Heroes" last season. And honestly, if it continues its messy, downward spiral, I won't be sad to see it go.

*Here's the start of that hot mess:

More, anon.

P.S. - I am secretly thrilled that someone was savvy enough to name the carnival's tattooed lady Lydia. Groucho is smiling.

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Anonymous said...

Ray Park was also Toad in X-Men.

I think I'm less critical of the opener then you but we'll have to see. I think the tattoo power looks very cool.