Friday, September 25, 2009


When Premiere was still a printed monthly, playwright Paul Rudnick was a regular columnist, writing as a Midtown Jewish New York housewife by the name of Libby Gelman Waxner. The column ("If You Ask Me") was usually hilarious and Libby (i.e. Rudnick) was crushing on Dennis Quaid big time. That crush on Quaid has been shared by yours truly ever since Breaking Away. Well, crush isn't exactly the right word... It's probably more like In Massive Lust With... I'm not sure what film this picture is from, but I am sure you can all understand that Massive Lust. I probably watched Innerspace 200 times just to see the scene where he loses his towel in the middle of the street.Woof!

And unlike many Hollywood hotties who lose their appeal as they age, Dennis just seems to get better and better. His IMDB page lists his age as 55. Fifty-five years-old and he is just as hot as ever. As Libby once wrote, "...starring Dennis Quaid... Dennis, Dennis, Dennis, Dennis Dennis... Oh. Sorry. I got carried away there."

My dear D and I have a matinee man-date tomorrow to see Pandorum, his latest film co-starring the burgeoning hotness that is Ben Foster. It's gotten middling reviews, but I really don't care. Few genre films get great reviews, anyway. It's Sci-Fi/Horror/Action and has two hot guys in the leads. What more can a Genre Queen ask for? Watch the trailer below and see if you don't agree with how hot Dennis still is:

Tomorrow is our final Saturday performance of A View From the Bridge, and there's a party after. But I also have to get up early (for me, anyway) to work the one Saturday I am required to work each year, so I have no idea if I'll be posting my review before Sunday, but post it I will.

More, anon.

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Stephen said...

I love Libby Gelmen Waxner so much I have a Libby Gelmen Waxner book!
Great post. I always enjoy your point of view. I am sorry that the Arthur Miller was such a chore for you, but I thought all the posts about your struggles were very interesting.

Dennis? Yes!

best wishes from your fan in Portland.