Sunday, September 13, 2009

Compassionate Liberal Christians Really Do Exist!

This is probably old news, already and I seem to actually remember hearing a similar story last year. But, it's Sunday and I thought it a good day to run this post.

It seems that a group of five Metropolitan Community Churches in the Dallas/Fort Worth area have set up billboards that say things like "Jesus Affirmed a Gay Couple" and "Naomi loved Ruth as Adam loved Eve," with appropriate Bible passages to back up their statements. The coalition is and their question, both on the billboards and online is "WJD?" (Would Jesus Discriminate?).

I think we can all agree that the loving, rational, compassionate Lord the Christian faiths would have us believe in, would in fact, not discriminate. He would open His arms and welcome all to His table and bless everyone there, regardless of who else they loved. The Jesus portrayed in the New Testament, at least as I interpret it (and yes, I have actually read it, before you open your mouths about that), love was the whole point. There is only one emotion as powerful as love folks, and that's hate. And that's the eternal struggle for all of us - whether it's Good Vs Evil; Sin Vs Virtue; Yin-yang or Saints Vs Dragons. It's all the same. Because if "God" (or whatever term you may use to describe the Creator(s) of your faith's particular dogma) truly loves us, then can He/She/It/They ever want any more for us than to love one another just as much? The test isn't what you believe. The test is in the love in your heart. Love Vs Hate. I'm glad that Love seems to be slowly starting to win again.

Of course my own opinions about about Organized Religion can probably best be found in the clips below:

I had a bad day and needed to laugh.

The show opens Thursday. I'm still unhappy with what I'm doing and still struggling with lines; especially the shorter, repetitive ones, but in some of the monologues, too, which have odd non-sequiters (for me, at least) and opinions with which in my heart, I do not agree. I suppose therein lies the challenge of successfully playing this role. Ay, me. 3 rehearsals left... I'm waiting for my muse to hit me in the head and help me connect in some way to this show and this role. Ugh!

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