Thursday, August 6, 2009

J-Horror Lives

Lately I've been posting about current outrageous Japanese horror; films like Frankenstein Girl vs. Vampire Girl and Robo-Geisha. But the master of J-Horror, Hiroshi Takahashi (Ringu; Ju-On) is back with his first English-language film, Don't Look Up. The movie involves a film crew who is affected by evil spirits trapped in old celluloid footage. The above picture is a production still featuring actress Kelly Devoto (Murder Loves Killers, Too).
Director Fruit Chan has an impressive resume overseas, though his work is probably lesser-known here in the States. I can't even begin to imagine the problems that language brought to that set.
Of course, what matters in the end is the final product. And the following trailer got me almost as excited as the trailer for Drag me to Hell, which bodes quite well, I think. No official release date, but from BloodyDisgusting (via) comes this rather intense trailer:
I am slightly disturbed that a screenwriting co-credit is given to Brian Cox, who scripted the exceptionally lame and boring American version of Ju-On, Pulse, but the trailer still looks awesome, don't you think?
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