Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Gayest Thing(s) You'll See This Week

I must admit that despite being "wired in," I am not actually current on most popular music. Yes, I know the names and the styles (usually), but am not always familiar with the actual music, itself.

Now you have to understand, my rather extensive CD collection is comprised of mostly film scores and soundtracks, followed closely by Original Cast Recordings, Cirque du Soliel scores and other odd bits of epehemeral weirdness. Of course, my collection contains many standards and must-haves (everything from Beethoven and Mozart to Pink Floyd and The Beatles and almost anyone in between - with the exception of most CW and almost all Rap). I have CDs by The Who; Elton John; Olivia Newton John; Madonna; Frankie Goes to Hollywood; The B52's; Devo; Loreena McKennitt; Cyndi Lauper; Annie Lennox; James Brown; Tom Jones; Dead Can Dance; Pet Shop Boys; NIN; Peter Gabriel; October Project... the list goes on and on.

Sadly, I find few modern pop artists interesting in the least. But lately I've been reading lots and lots about Brooklyn-based, openly gay band Grizzly Bear. I hadn't heard any of their music until I stumbled upon the below link (via). It's fan-made video (by a str8 fan) for the song "Two Weeks" and is just a gorgeous, surreal, Steampunk-Papercraft-Puppet-Animation gay love story. And the song ain't too shabby. Excuse me while I peruse the Grizzly Bear catalogue and please enjoy the video while I do so:

Two Weeks - Grizzly Bear from Gabe Askew on Vimeo.

OK. Entertainment out of the way, it's on to politics. Also via, comes the following clip of National Organization for Marriage (NOM) spokesperson Nancy Gallagher being ripped to pieces by CNN's Lou Dobbs and University of Pennsylvania Law Professor Tobias Wolf. I love how, like everyone else who opposes same-sex marriage, Gallagher cannot come up with suitable answer as to how same-sex marriage affects and/or attacks hetero-marriage. Watch the bitch squirm here:

Sorry, I forgot. Oded Gross already told us how:

Yeah, THAT's the ticket!

More, anon.



Stephen said...

I love them! Isn't it cool that their being gay doesn't figure that much into the music?
Great post, as always.

Prospero said...

I have just discovered them, and must hear more. But I love what I've heard so far. They may well be my new favorite band...