Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Hottest Thing You'll See This Week

It has been officially announced that Victor Webster (who co-starred in the True Crime TV drama "The Chippendales Murder" along with "Lost" hottie, Naveen Andrews) will join the cast of the recently re-booted TV Soap "Melrose Place" as the resident gay character, Caleb. AfterElton reports that they "...already learned that Caleb was going to be a non-stereotypical gay character.." They go on to say he likes the Lakers, smokes cigars and drinks scotch.

All I can say is, he can like to watch midget bowling, smoke opium and drink Ripple, as long he comes home to me at night! Day-yum!

Okay, I know that was pretty uncharacteristic for me and this blog. But for God's sake, just look at him! You can see more hot (possibly NSFW) pictures of Mr. Webster here.

Enough of that.

Let's talk about my favorite subject: Movies. I've really ignored both of these movies until now. One, because I wasn't familiar with the source material, and the other because it sounded, quite frankly, cheesy.

Although I read a lot about Alice Sebold's best-seller "The Lovely Bones," I didn't actually read the book, nor was I exactly enamored by what I read. It seemed like a dreary, depressing novel and not the kind of thing I wanted to read. Lo and behold, the trailer for Peter Jackson's film version is out and it has most certainly caught my interest. The Lovely Bones looks like a slick, gorgeous, edge-of-your-seat thriller. Here's a clip from the trailer's sneak peak on Entertainment Tonight:

Embedding has been removed for the full tailer, but you can see on YouTube, here. What great cast - Rachel Weisz, Mark Wahlberg, Susan Sarandon and the amazing Stanley Tucci looking all pervy...

This next film started life entitled Cirque du Freak, but has since been re-titled The Vampire's Assistant. Why? The original title was much more intriguing. But again, I saw the trailer (thanks to those Sci-Fi loonies over at i09) and was completely blown away. It looks like it could be the movie that Disney's adaptation of Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes should have been (you may or may not remember that my very first real post was about movies that deserve good remakes, and Something Wicked... was among them). Starring John C. Reilly; Willem Dafoe; Salma Hyack; "Fringe" regular Michael Servaris and Colleen Camp, among others.
Check it out:
I'm almost certain I'll be seeing both of these movies.
More, anon.

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