Monday, August 3, 2009

The Best Worst Movies I Have to See

Confused? I'll bet. First and foremost, I must credit JA over at MyNewPlaidPants for turning me on to both of these movies. You rock, bro'! (How lamely hetero was that?)

Anyway, JA saw a documentary this past weekend called Best Worst Movie. It's about a cult movie, 20 years in the making; RottenTomatoes' infamously "Lowest Rated Movie" Troll 2.

A neglected travesty when it was released in 1990, Italian director Claudio Fragasso's Double "Z" grade horror movie has since garnered an enthusiastic audience of Bad Movie Lovers and midnight showings have been selling out across the country. I am certain that I skipped Troll 2 while browsing my local Blockbuster when it was released Direct-to-Video, so I have never had the, you will excuse the term, "pleasure".

But after seeing the trailer below, I find myself compelled to seek it out and experience its crapulence for myself. And then I MUST see Best Worst Movie as soon as humanly possible. Here's the trailer from the movie's official site,

Best Worst Movie Trailer from Best Worst Movie on Vimeo.

In other Entertainment News, Towleroad is reporting that playwright Moises Kaufman's Epilogue to The Laramie Project will open in no less than 40 (and as many as 100) regional theatres on October 11th, the 11th anniversary of Matthew Shepherd's death in Laramie, Wyoming. The Epilogue examines how the people in Laramie were affected by the events of 1998, and how life has (or hasn't) changed for them over the last eleven years. I hope that at least one of the many local regional theatres in my area participates.

More, anon.



Stephen R. said...

You know I sometimes don't understand people's love of bad movies (my Easter introduction to the film JESUS CHRIST VAMPIRE HUNTER left me thinking, "WTF?!?), but I HAVE to see this documentary. And this movie. ASAP!!!

As for Moises, I'm kind of over him. And his style. A lot. Maybe it's because he was a little rude when doing a benefit, pre-previews performance of a show he was workshopping on World AIDS Day. Maybe it's stories of how he treated an actor friend of mine. Or maybe it's just me wondering why we only talk about the cute, young, blond boy who was murdered by gay bashers, yet we never talk about the over-weight, middle aged bald men who have suffered a similar fate.

Sorry, the bitchy fag in me just came out, didn't he? Not directed at you, my friend. Only at MK.

But really, he's doing this on the ELEVEN year anniversary? Is that bizarre and random to anybody else?

Prospero said...

My only knowledge of Mr. Kaufman is from his writing, which you must admit, is more than just 'good' ("Gross Indecency" is actually quite brilliant). I lost a high school friend in a tragic gay-bashing - one of the first in Pennsylvania. Tony was brutally murdered by two men who coerced him into giving them a ride home. They instead directed him to wooded area and slashed his throat to near-decapitation. Tony has no play or film (though maybe someone who knew him should write it), but his story is the same. It's not about one person or one crime - it's about thousands and thousands of similar crimes all over the country and countless more all over the world. Every cause needs an icon. AIDS needed Ryan White. Homophobia needs Matthew Shepherd, and Anthony Milano and every other member of the LGBT community who has suffered similarly. Change often follows outrage - and these stories should outrage everyone. There. Rant over.

So, as you know, I own JCVH on DVD (tell me we weren't seperated at birth by more than just 9 years). I think my friend Bruce's sone may own a copy Troll 2. I've already stalked him about it on FB. I'l llet you know if and when I see it.

Hey - I may very well be coming back to Chicago in Oct. I'll keep you posted. We MUST have drinks!