Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Holy Sh*t!

This poster for the upcoming Apocalyptic thriller Legion has been around for a month or so. I hadn't heard much about it, and thought it sounded an awful lot like the 1995 Christopher Walken movie, The Prophecy, so I pretty much ignored it.

Now, just so you understand, this time of year, my day job is very slow and I have lots of time to surf the web. While visiting one of my favorite horror sites, ShockTillYouDrop, today, I came across the red-band trailer for the movie and had to watch it at least twice more.

Not only does it star the pictured Paul Bettany (Ironman; The Davinci Code) as the Archangel Michael, it features the still so hot Dennis Quaid; my secret crush Jon Tenney ("The Closer"); sexy red-headed siren Kate Walsh ("Private Practice" - yes, I can still appreciate a beautiful woman, even if I have no desire to sleep with one); Kevin Durand (the evil Keamy from "Lost") and Hellboy's Doug Jones. And to top it all off, the trailer looks like the movie will be nothing less than bat-shiat insane.

Take a look for yourself (and sorry about the age requirement - I know no children read this blog, but STYD has this thing about age-appropriateness) here.

I mean really, now. Could you ask for more insanity from one trailer? Just imagine what the whole movie must be like. Legion is scheduled to open on January 22nd, 2010. I'll be in line.

More, anon.


PS - Stephen brought up an interesting question in a comment on my last posting. What's the best remake you've ever seen? Let me know. You know how I love hearing from you.


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