Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Get Ready to Set Your DVRs

The new fall season is almost upon us. My most-anticipated return to the airwaves? Why Fox's "Fringe," of course.
In the 90's there was "The X-Files" (and a fine program it was - I had standing appointment with several friends each Sunday night). It was terrific episodic TV with plenty of stand-alone episodes to almost qualify as an anthology show with recurring characters. It was also probably the first regular TV series to exploit the Internet and create such an exceptionally elaborate and arcane mythology.
Now, wunderkind J.J. Abrams ("Lost;" Star Trek), has reinvented the formula with enough lunatic logic to take it to another level. As with "X-Files," a specialized FBI division is sent to investigate weird and extraordinary events, all tied to something referred to enigmatically as The Pattern. What makes "Fringe" so good is not just the writing, but the exceptionally talented ensemble cast led by the astonishing John Noble having the time of his life playing literally mad scientist Dr. Walter Bishop. Anna Torv; Joshua Jackson; Lance Reddick; Blair Brown and simply adorable Jasika Nicole round out the ensemble. No less than Leonard Nimoy has a recurring role as the mysterious Dr. William Bell.
The first season ended with the revelation that SPOILER ALERT there is not only a parallel Universe, but that Walter's son Peter (Jackson) is not the Peter from this Universe.
I cannot wait to see what Abrams and company have in store for Season 2. Here's the teaser:
On a side note - I don't understand why a network that has some of the most creative, talented and left-leaning people in the business working in their Entertainment Division, also has the most lop-sided, right-wing crackpot news in the history of television. Can anyone explain this?
OK - In other TV news...
Since I already awarded a Man of the Week (which henceforth shall be known as Person of the Week) to Brad, David Letterman comes in as a close-second. Via Towleroad comes this clip from a recent interview with Donald Trump:

Love ya, Dave!
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