Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Very Late Night Post

I had hoped to get this up before midnight, but a million and four things kept me from it...
Anyway, please allow me yet another rant on Marriage Equality and watch the videos below. They are both funny, poignant and informative., while exposing the lies the "Religious Right" continues to propagate in their campaign of fear against LGBT people.
First, here's a very funny parody of the recent NOM "Gathering Storm" ad:

Next, a clip of the always on target Rachel Maddow, about how her commentary on the NOM ad was removed from YouTube for "copyright violations."
Priceless, as the MasterCard ads say.
Speak up. Write letters to your Congressmen and women. Vote for candidates who support LGBT issues and let the fear-mongers know we aren't afraid of them.
OK - more nonsense and silliness, soon - I just rented a bunch of DVDs, which I will be reviewing soon - I promise.
PS - If you haven't read my "Hear Something Wonderful" post and watched the amazing video, please make sure you do. It's truly a remarkable and moving piece.
More, anon.

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