Friday, April 10, 2009

Hear Something Wonderful, etc.

Lots to talk about tonight, so this will be a multi-post kind of night. First, a co-worker sent me a link to this video last week. The sound on my work computer is terrible, so I forwarded it to my home email account and just got around to watching it. Much to my chagrin, I'm sorry I didn't watch it before, because it is truly a moving piece.
Playing for Change is an organization that wants to promote world peace through music (something which I whole-heartedly endorse). Below is the video for their version of the Sam Cooke classic, "Stand By Me," as performed by street musicians all over the world. Somehow, they got these folks to to do the song in the same key and tempo, and then edited the performances together into this amazing vid. It actually gave me chills. Please enjoy (and click the link to learn more about Playing for Change).

Honestly, how can one not be moved by that?

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