Monday, April 13, 2009

...and the Rain in My Shoes...

Ever get a song stuck in your head for no discernible reason? I HATE that. Right now it's "Kentucky Rain," by the King, himself. Don't know why this is. I haven't heard the song recently. I haven't seen an Elvis movie (not that I would) recently. It's just there, like a malignant growth, repeating its repulsive Eddie Money-written chorus over and over until I want to scream... "Kentucky rain keeps pourin' down..." Arrrgh!

My weekend was good. Saturday night, I had a terrific Chinese feast with dear friends, followed by an outstanding production of Jeffrey Hatcher's hilarious play, "Smash" at my Alma Mater. The student cast was exceptionally good and the director (my oldest and dearest friend) just completely got the play, and translated her understanding of it so well in the production. Sunday, of course, was Easter. I spent most of the day lazing on the sofa and catching up on TV that I'd DVR'ed over the week. I had dinner with Mom (a small turkey breast with roasted asparagus and mashed potatoes with gravy) and then an evening working on my latest screenplay and getting the USPS to stop my mail delivery while I'm away next month. Nothing particularly exciting. And nothing to post about really, which is why you are reading this rather mundane post, now.


I suppose I should leave you with something to watch besides that English lady with the amazing voice and the unibrow... And if I have to suffer, then so do you (though I'm not quite sure why - I'm just in that kind of mood, I guess).

More, anon.

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Stephen R. said...

Damn, I love The King singing just about anything. I have to say that "Poke Salad Annie" is one of my favorites these days, though. :)