Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Biggest Lie You'll See This Week

Regular readers know I'm preaching to the choir, as it were, but it's my hope that the more people who read this and see these clips, the more allies we'll have when it counts. First, here is a lie-filled video from the "National Organization for Marriage," featuring actors (please!) making a case against same-sex marriage:

Does the NOM know anything about actors? And do these "actors" know anything about the business in which they hope to again be employed? I know I'd never cast a single one of them in any project I might direct.
Anyway, here are two heartfelt responses to that load of BS. First, Sean Chapin makes a plea for sanity:

And next, posted this response:

I urge you to share these clips with as many people as you know (and more). Tell the truth. Stop the lies, and (to borrow a phrase from Al Franken) the lying liars who tell them.

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