Monday, August 15, 2011

Seriously... Is It Just Me?

"No, Michelle. You gotta relax your jaw more..."

Okay, the 2012 Presidential election may be over a year away, but the Republicans are already making me crazier than usual. Michelle "(being gay) is of Satan" Bachmann has won the Iowa Republican straw poll. But, not to be outdone, Texas Governor Rick Perry announced his own candidacy the very same day, taking away a bit of the loony bitch's thunder with his own brand of Right Wing Christian insanity. Perry, you may remember, organized a 'Christian' rally in his home state last week. Both candidates have been linked to a particularly scary fundamentalist movement known as Dominionism, which posits that Christians should rightfully rule the world.

Hmm... that sounds familiar, somehow... Oh, I know! It's the same concept as Al Qaida has about Islam ruling the world. And just like Hitler had about Aryans ruling the world. Or any other insane fanatics who think they should rule the world. It seems to me that the Republicans may as well promote Ernst Blofeld as their candidate. Oh, wait. Rick Perry just announced. Never mind, they already have.

Here's the thing - Religion has no place in the White House. That's not to say that POTUS can't be a religious man or woman. Far from it. If he or she wants to believe that the Earth sits on four elephants resting on the back of a tortoise, who am I to argue with that? But, thanks to the well-known and revered concept of Separation of Church and State, those elephants better not have anything to do with his or her national policies and decision making. In other words, your God has absolutely no say in how I conduct my life. Only I and my god (if I choose to believe in one) have that power.

The fact that Republicans continue to make sexual orientation, religion and personal choice part of their campaigns, says they are completely out of touch with the majority of Americans. Yes, those "values" may speak to people in the rural Midwest and South, but the majority of the population live on the coasts and have long ago made their peace with the realities of the 21st Century. I think it's high time that the Republican party did so, as well. We cannot allow a bunch of backwater hicks and superstitious rubes turn the clock back on Human Rights and Equality. If we allow people like Bachmann and Perry into office, then we all deserve what we get.

Is this really the person we want running the country? God (Yahweh; Allah; Ra; Odin; Zeus; An; Baal; Inti; Shiva; Apistotooki; Jupiter; Isis), if He or She exists, must be laughing mighty hard at this idiocy.

Sigh -- another political rant over. Hopefully there will be some less serious nonsense to talk about tomorrow.

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