Sunday, July 25, 2010

Movies, Hotties and Violent Nerds

I may have been on vacation, but that doesn't mean I haven't been surfing the web for things to talk about.

First, Ross Peacock over at Obsessed with Film posted an interesting piece about "the next District 9," a short from Peruvian filmmaker Ricardo de Montreuil, The Raven, which has apparently been picked up by Universal for expansion into a feature, starring Mark Wahlberg. The Raven is about a young man who is wanted by a dystopian government in a future Los Angeles for reasons not made clear -- except maybe that he's a powerful telekinetic:

I'd see a feature based on that.

And Towleroad posted about the new documentary Bruce LaBruce: The Advocate for Fagdom. LaBruce's films include Otto; or, Up With Dead People and the upcoming LAZombie, starring gay porn star Francois Sagat as an alien zombie on the lookout for hot male flesh in Los Angeles. LaBruce's films have been labeled everything from "Brilliant" to "Utter Trash." LAZombie was recently rejected by the Venice Film Festival and will make its premiere later this year at the Toronto Film Festival. The following trailer for the documentary may be NSFW:

And speaking of gay icons, I can't believe I've never mentioned uber-hottie Paul Rudd in a "Hottest Thing" post. My friend and co-worker Mia (who made me both Teddy Z and Princess Unicorn as Christmas gifts), is equally -- if not more-so -- obsessed with the beautiful Mr. Rudd. His newest film, Dinner for Schmucks opens this Friday and it looks just hilarious:

I first noticed Rudd in Clueless, where he played Alicia Silverstone's hot step-brother, Josh. The next time I remember seeing him was in the unfortunate Jennifer Aniston film, The Object of My Affection, in which he played Jen's gay best friend with whom she fell in love. Complete garbage, redeemable only by his presence. I then saw him on stage in a production of Twelfth Night as Orsino, opposite the amazing Kyra Sedgewick ("The Closer"). The show featured a pool on stage and Rudd spent much of the play wet and half-naked. And we've all seen his comic genius in films like Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy and The Forty Year-Old Virgin. Here is with Schmucks costar Steve Carrell in a parody of the recent Lebron James basketball controversy (probably the first and only time I will ever mention sports on this blog):

Finally tonight is the last night of the San Diego ComicCon, the annual fanboy Mecca for all things comics and genre movies. CNN (via) reports that ComicCon has apparently outgrown the San Diego Convention center, resulting in a stabbing over seating at the Resident Evil 4 panel. Really? I mean Paul W. Anderson's zombie movies (based on the video game of the same name) aren't really very good. Of course, only a nerd would stab another nerd with a pen, but what can you expect when tens-of-thousands of costumed geeks descend upon one city at the same time. And no, it wasn't even a knife used in the stabbing, but a pen! I can just imagine the guy whipping it out of his pocket protector and thrusting it in his opponent's face. So sad.

I hope everyone had as good a week as I did, last week. Tomorrow sees my return to the day job (not a really awful thing, despite the idiocy I deal with every day). I'll have more to talk about on ComicCon and upcoming movies, as well a "Gayest Thing" post, later this week.

More, anon.


Shelley said...

I'll have you know a pen is a decent enough stabbing utensil for Jason Bourne.

Prospero said...

I don't really seen Jason Bourne attending ComiCon, though... :D

Stephen said...

I love Mr. Rudd... no, really... I love him. You keep your hands off that man!

Loved him so much in that lovely production of Twelfth Night at Licoln Center, featuring his wet hairy chest. I 1st noticed him in Clueless also + The Object Of My Objection. I love that he mixes highbrow projects with appearences on Strangers With Candy etc...

Good looking & funny is a winning combo!!!!