Sunday, July 4, 2010

America! F**k Yeah!

This one is for Stephen in Portland, who posted the trailer to what is undoubtedly one of the most pain-inducingly funny movies ever made, as a secondary portion of his Fourth of July post about his husband's recent hand surgery (please visit his blog and wish Hubby well -- tell him Uncle P sent you). I saw this film with my college buddy Brian N.* and his lovely wife, Carol. Brian and I were doubled over in pain, laughing; while poor, sweet Carol spent the whole movie saying "Oh, dear! Oh, my!" which only served to make it funnier for both her husband and I. Honestly, the scene in the alley behind the bar nearly sent me to the hospital the first time I saw it.

If you've never seen Team America World Police, you may want to watch "South Park" on Comedy Central. If you like South Park, then you probably already know and love Team America. If you hate South Park (and I don't know anyone who does, other than my 75 year-old auntie, who hates everything but exceptionally crappy horror movies and "Ghost Hunters"), then I'd recommend you see something else.

Here's the trailer for Team America, which gives no real indication of the foul-mouthed; perverted; potty-humored; absurdly brilliant satire that Trey Parker and Matt Stone have crafted:

The story concerns Gary, an actor in the Broadway musical 'Lease,' where the big showstopping number is called "Everyone Has AIDS:"

Gary is recruited to go undercover for Team America, because of his amazing acting skills. And willingness to undergo painful facial reconstruction, only to end up looking like a 12 year-old's attempt at making a werewolf costume. We soon learn that Middle Eastern terrorists are actually being funded by the evil Kim Jong-Il (language NSFW):

The North Korean dictator is sent up in a much funnier Bond villain parody than Dr. Evil could ever be, especially when considering a deliriously silly scene involving adorable little house cats as giant panthers and another in which a baby shark tears away at a fish-filled Hans Blix puppet.

All kinds of insanity (and hilariously dirty puppet sex - both straight and gay) ensues, leading up to Gary doubting himself enough to get very, very drunk (NSFW and not for the squeamish, though effing hilarious!):

Thankfully, I've never seen a pond of vomit, in real life.

The insanely over-the-top jingoism of Team America (who fly in to stop terrorism, only to cause far more destruction in doing so), can best be summed up in the title of both tonight's post, and the movie's theme song (very NSFW):

No ethnic group, minority or celebrity is spared a skewering, which somehow makes all that skewering OK. Parker and Stone are equal opportunity offenders and since no one is safe, no one should feel threatened or discriminated against. Taking on everything from strange 60's Sci-Fi shows; Jame Bond; the French; Islamic terrorists and Broadway to left-wing celebrities; puppet porn; the NRA and Matt Damon, Team America World Police works so well on so many levels. Crude, rude but just so damned funny, TAWP is an absurd and nonsensical pleasure about which no one should feel guilty.

So tonight, as I watch the neighborhood fireworks through the window above my monitor with that certain amount of jingoism that seems infect all Americans this time of year, I am reminded that satire is protected under "Freedom of Speech" and I can't help but think that even with all our nation's flaws (and you do not need me to remind you of them), I still live in the Greatest Country in the World.

Happy Birthday America! **

More, anon.

PS - That promised review of that new NBC show is coming... I just got such a tickle from revisiting this movie tonight, I had to share.

*Brian and I met doing theatre in college and have been jokingly competitive about our shared name, ever since. And bizarrely, even though she has met him on more than one occasion, K still insists that Brian doesn't actually exist.

**Talk about Bond villains!

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