Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Gayest Things We've Seen

Shane Mercado remains a very tiny footnote in entertainment history for two reasons:

One, he had a viral video hit with his home-video version of Beyonce's "Single Ladies," featuring a scantily-clad Mercado replicating the dance from the video in his own bedroom.

And two, his video was the first-ever "The Gayest Thing You'll See This Week" her on Caliban's Revenge. That's Shane and Gaga's Beyotche, backstage at a concert.

Lately (though hardly surprising and just a little sad), Mercado seems to be making money dancing for what the sex industry guys like to call the "sophisticated adult audience."

Still, as I found my voice and style (cobbled together with a few things borrowed from other -- often better -- bloggers), Mercado provided me with a running gag/recurring theme and endlessly amusing personal meme, of sorts. I suspect a straight blogger would probably be called on this... unless he or she had already established his/her gay-friendliness. But I digress. Here's the one that started it all in October of '08:

Wow! That's still pretty gay. My next TGTYSTW (that's an odd acronym that needs shortening or abandonment...) post wasn't until the following December and featured a young man playing Stripper in the Shower (until his Mom catches him). Here's MrEladdy in Britney's "Circus:"

Yeah... still pretty darn gay.

The next Gayest Thing post was a clip from the FX series "Nip/Tuck," which has since been removed from YouTube, but features yoga and a gentlemen who wants his *ahem* reduced because he can't stop *woo-hooing* it. Of course, even the straight boys will tell you that if they could, they would...

And I'll be damned if I can find the original (I'm tired), but I know I posted this adorable twink's bathroom Karaoke version of Kelly Clarkson's "I Do Not Hook Up" sometime in there, as well:

So cute! Since then, The Gayest Thing posts have gone on to include plenty of stories, videos and links some might find offensive. And to those people, I say "Get a Life!" Don't like what you see? Change the channel. Visit another website. Leave the theatre.* Close your eyes. Oh, sorry... that's right. They're already closed.

Here are a few more of The Gayest Things I saw and shared over the last few years:

That was Sweet and Low-down...

Have you ever seen 3 more adorable Bears?

Only my favorite Flashmob video ever! It makes me wanna dance!

Oh, Torchwood, how I miss you!

Is it sad that I totally identify with that boy?

Beautiful. But now I want a shave and a haircut...

I am... and thanks, Katie. I don't blame you...

And almost finally, the man I'm hoping will win America's Got Talent:

What a voice! And he's gorgeous...

And most recently, this dirty little Mime (is there any other kind?) video, "Silence=Filth."

Oh dear... I think I may have contracted the vapors!

More Anniversary Nonsense, anon.

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