Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Gayest Things You'll See This Week

An unusual Saturday Night Quickie here at Cali's R, but I came across a couple of things today that I just had to share and they were far more appropriate here, rather than the Double Z (could I sound more pretentiously hip tonight if I tried? -- And if I do, please free to slap me the next - or first - time you see me*).

Anyhoo, I know it's July and Pride month is over in the U.S., but Pride celebrations are held all over the world all year long and in Madrid, they just had their annual High Heel Race. It's been linked several places, but this clip is from Joe.My.God. I love how the British commentator calls lipstick "lippy.**"

Also via JMG, this hilariously filthy gay sex primer, as explained by mimes (very likely NSFW):

I've watched that clip about 6 times now and it still makes me laugh like an insane hyena on mescaline -- wow, talk about disturbing analogies...

I'm heading over to the Zone in a few minutes. The church carnival thing actually kind of fell apart (it is a holiday weekend, after all), but that's okay. It allowed me to discover an intriguing new NBC show, which I'll be reviewing tomorrow, once I've watched the remaining two episodes OnDemand.

More, anon.

* You won't believe this, but I found that image by Googling "old Asian woman." Hand to God. Try it for yourself. Go on; I dare ya! I double dog dare ya! Ah... Chicken! (Please... what the hell is wrong with me, tonight?)

**And man am I dating myself with that reference.

G'night, Gracie.

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