Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year, New Layout

So here I am, taking part in The Eden Foundation's annual fundraiser "Eden Dreams" in January of 2008. The Eden Foundation provides education, support and much more to persons with Autism.

The mask is actually my own, given to me as a Christmas gift a few years ago by K, who brought it back from Italy for me. I was playing an Italian Duke in that year's Renaissance-themed event. Basically, this is a close-up version of my profile pic (I'm happy to report that since that photo was taken, I've lost about 35 pounds).

I'm not participating in this year's Eden event... I've done the last ten or so, and while it is a very worthwhile cause, it's an exhausting evening of wandering the lobby, bar and ballroom of a huge hotel in Princeton while staying in character for about 6 hours. It's usually hot and uncomfortable (like the year when the theme was Native American and I wore about 30 lbs of real buckskin) and your feet are done for by hour 4. Instead, I'm making a donation this year. My feet will thank me, if no one else does. And I'll be volunteering to help out with makeup and costumes, staying in the hospitality suite for the night; rather than being ignored, pulled at, made fun of and abused by the often drunken guests who pay upwards of $350 a plate, just so they can feel better about about themselves while flaunting their wealth. I just realized how bitter and bitchy that sounds, but it's true.

Anyway, the real point of this post is for me to show off Caliban's Revenge's new layout. No longer will HD videos impinge upon my lists, links and archived posts. As a certain Home Diva would say, "It's a good thing." Little else will change. I'll still be the slightly snarky, Horror Movie-obsessed whacko you have come to know and (hopefully) love.

Once again, I wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. I'll be back Sunday with my review of Sherlock Holmes, which I am finally seeing with my dear D. Until then, read me tomorrow at The Zombie Zone.

More, anon.


Stephen R. said...

Love the new layout! Love that mask! Love every damn thing about you, baby!

Happy New Year!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Looks good but I think I'm going to miss the pink.

Stephen said...

A new decade & a new look! I like it! Really!

Prospero said...
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