Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hollywood's Closet

That's Hollywood's most sophisticated leading man, Cary Grant (right) with his long-rumored lover, cowboy star Randolph Scott, sharing a dip in the pool at the house they shared before studio execs forced them to separate. These days, the thought of being forced by my employer to break up with my partner makes my blood boil. Of course, in the 40's and 50's, even the merest whisper of one's homosexuality could land one in jail (or worse).

Sadly, it's not much better today. Openly gay actor Rupert Everett takes every opportunity he can to blame his coming out for his faltering career, though I suspect it's really the bad movies he's in, that are to blame. Still, there is such a double standard in Hollywood when it comes to LGBT performers, it makes me want to scream.

Yes, there are loads of openly gay celebrities: Nathan Lane; Neil Patrick Harris; George Takei; David Hyde Pierce; Ian McKellan; Meredith Baxter; Dan Butler; Amanda Bearse; Portia di Rossi; Ellen Degeneres and Jane Lynch to name a very few. But, there are plenty more who, though seen publicly with their partners in gay venues, simply refuse to publicly come out: Queen Latifah; Jodie Foster; Anderson Cooper; Johnny Mathis and many others.

While I certainly agree that coming out is a personal choice (and I hate bloggers like the repulsive Perez Hilton, who consistently try to out celebrities without their permission), I think it is more important now then ever, for those celebrities to openly admit thier sexuality and help the rest of the country move on in the fight for LGBT rights. The more 'Straight America' sees of 'Gay America,' the better. As much as the American LGBT community clamors for equality, the more important it is for us to reveal ourselves as perfectly normal members of society, doing the same jobs and living in the same world as everyone else.

To those celebs still in the closet, whether by personal choice or on the advice of their (probably gay) agents, I say break free from your shackles and show the world that we are as vital to modern society as anyone else. Hate is a learned emotion and the best way to fight it is to admit you are a victim of it.

Come out, come out, whoever you are!

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William said...

Speaking of '50's gays...a coupla weeks ago I was watching 'Law & Order SVU' and there was an older actor playing a grandfather to the perp...and it was one of those "who is that guy? I know that guy from somewhere...where was it?" moments that plagues you for the rest of the show. Eventually it came to me: "that couldn't be the guy who played the original Jimmy Olsen opposite George Reeves' Superman back in the day? could he still be alive?" So I Google, and sure enough, the actor Jack Larson it was! Interestingly, I learned he was 'the gay' and even more interesting---he was a former partner to Monty Clift! They were probably in that same pool with Cary! ;-) Oh, and come on...speaking of the white elephant in the room...how laughable is it that Ryan Seacrest is making Scope commercials surrounded by femme fatales...puhleez! Oh, and why were their shirtless, musclebound Gladiators at Simon Cowell's 50th birthday bash? And why I am not surprised Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is cast as The Tooth Fairy? Oy!

Mrs. Pine said...

Very well said! Cary and his beau made a cute couple.

Prospero said...

Ah, poor Monty. So pretty before his accident -- sort of like Mark Hamil before his accident...

Stephen said...

Jack Larson is a very interesting man... he was partners with screenwriter & director James Bridges for 35+ years. he had roles on Lois & Clark & the film Super man Returns (how gay was that film?)