Monday, August 24, 2009

Bi Bi Bi

Wow! Two music posts in a row. that's a record for me (you should excuse the pun).

This is Danyl Johnson. He is the latest "overnight sensation" to come out of the UK. On "The X-Factor" - sort of a cross between "Idol" and "(Insert Country Name Here)'s Got Talent." As the last auditioner on what had been an apparently fruitless day, Danyl's version "With a Little Help from My Friends" actually brought Simon Cowell to his feet.

Embedding has been removed, but you can watch Danyl's audition here. I will admit, he is a terrific singer with loads of stage presence. And it doesn't hurt that the 27 year-old teacher is also very pretty. But, during a Google search for more info about him, I came across this article in the Daily Mirror. Apparently, beautiful Danyl doesn't limit himself to one sex or another when choosing his partners, which means his fan-base automatically increases by at least 10%.

Honestly, as much as I loved watching Susan Boyle shock the "Britain's Got Talent" judges with her amazing rendition of "I Dreamed a Dream," I'd rather watch a hot teacher singing Beatles' tunes than a frumpy Scotswoman singing show tunes. Who wouldn't?

Finally, this almost got its own post, but I've already posted a "Gayest Thing" this week. I suppose I could have called it "The Gayest Video Game You'll See This Week," but that would be a bit redundant, especially after you see the clip. Ladies and germs, (via) I give you "Ultimate Muscle Roller Legend" (possibly NSFW):

I just love how the rider gets "extra power" from his "cycle." Redonculous, as the kids say.

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