Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Please Vote on My New Ink

As my birthday present to myself this year, I am getting new ink on my left calf. My dear D and I are going together on August 1st. D has already decided on his design (a crucifix on his right calf). I have been wanting something Egyptian (the tatt on my right hip is a combination of Chinese, Egyptian and Sumerian symbols, which translate roughly as "Expect the Barer of Joy and Wisdom" - I'm still waiting, needless to say). So, I have finally decided that I want a tattoo of The Eye of Horus. But after much research, I have found so many variations, I can't choose. This is where you all come in. Below I have posted several versions which I am contemplating. I figure I can start small and add to it, if I decide to do so. Anyway, I'd love to know which you all prefer. I can't promise I'll go with the popular vote, but your opinions will certainly influence my final decision. Leave me your choice in the comments section, please.





Personally, I'm leaning toward a variation on this one, which might incorporate the Crown of Isis. Like I said, I can start small and add to it.

There are several other versions I am still looking at, but these are my Top 4 choices. So, let me know which one you prefer. I'll be sure to post pics of whatever it is I finally decide upon.

More, anon.



Anonymous said...

By far the 4th one is the best - just looking at the eye inside the circle. If you go for #4, I like "start small" and have the eye inclosed in the circle. I could easily see you topping the circle with the cross - I like the colors too.

So when do we see a pic of your other tat?

Prospero said...

That picture, my dear, is reserved for a select few...

Stephen said...

I vote for the fourth.

All my inkings are script... I am going for that "pillow book" look

Happy 4th!