Sunday, July 26, 2009

Horrors Yet to Come

I'm never afraid to admit that I love a good horror movie. Sadly, truly good horror movies are few and far between. And while Sam Raimi's brilliant and terrifying Drag Me to Hell didn't perform at the box office as well as it deserved to, I'll still be plunking down my hard-earned cash in the hope that some one else has made a horror movie that won't bore me to tears; make me laugh at its inanity or insult my intelligence with a bad script, bad acting and even worse special effects.

To a jaded horror fan like myself, a horror movie has to be particularly good to get to me. The aforementioned Drag Me to Hell is one of the few recent horror movies that actually managed to scare me. Neil Marshall's claustrophobic 2005 movie The Descent managed to provide a jolt or two. And the original Saw, while not actually scary, was able to shock and surprise me with a twist ending I honestly didn't see coming.

So, what's in store for Horror fans in the months ahead? Below is a brief sampling of what I can only hope will better than most of the schlock that passes for horror these days. In no particular order (and with minimal comments), here are a few that just might be worth checking out:

The underrated Brittany Murphy and indie darling Thora Birch star in this film about a screenwriter who secludes herself in an old mansion in order to meet her next deadline:

Val Kilmer stars as a research scientist investigating the effects of global warming in the Arctic. What they find, is a prehistoric parasite which may signal the end of mankind:

Based on a Korean horror film, Jesse Bradford (Swimfan) stars in this psychological thriller about an ex-con who moves into his recently deceased mother's apartment, only to find some weird stuff happening there:

This Scottish indie take on the zombie genre certainly looks interesting:

Shauna Macdonald returns as Sarah, the only survivor (depending on which version you saw) of Neil Marshall's 2005 terrific underground cannibal flick. Forced to return to the hellish caves in search of the rest of her missing spelunking pals, Sarah accompanies a rescue team unprepared for what awaits them below:

On one of the worst dates of my life, I saw the first Final Destination movie. I tried to ignore the jackass jocks in the audience who made fun of my date (admittedly, not someone I would normally be seen with), but the movie was so stupid, I could only think about how much I wanted to leave. The franchise has only gotten sillier, since. Now comes the fourth (and hopefully last) in the series, The Final Destination. This time, Death comes stalking in 3D:

OK - so what movies (Horror or otherwise) are you looking forward to seeing in what's left of 2009? I'm dying to know. You know I love to hear from you, so leave me a comment.

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