Sunday, January 11, 2009

Late Night Blogger Blues

As someone who usually only has the chance to blog after 10 PM, I miss out on getting scoops. I have a day job, I do theatre and I write plays, musicals and screenplays of my own. On the weekends, I'm busy with real-life things like vacuuming and grocery shopping and making sure I have clean shirts underwear for the upcoming week. Occasionally, I actually get to see a show or a movie. Blogging is a distant fourth (or sometimes, fifth or sixth) priority for me.

Jason at MyNewPlaidPants (one of my favorite blogs) has beat me once again in posting this link to the British fantasy Franklyn, starring Eva Green, Ryan Phillippe, Sam Riley and Susannah York. I have read bits and pieces about this film, which tells four interwoven stories, one of which takes place in a futuristic steampunk world where a masked vigilante (who looks suspiciously like Jack Skellington) roams the streets of a society where Church and State have become inseparable. It's scheduled for release in the UK this February. You can add Franklyn as the 19th movie I'm looking forward to seeing in the coming year. Below is a still of Phillippe's well-muscled and faux-tattooed back from the movie.

More, anon.


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