Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Gayest Thing(s) You'll See This Week

Two super fun, super-gay items today. First, in a hilarious animated Sesame Street-ish spoof, from OMG (via) here is a lesson on The Gay Alphabet:

I love the not-so-sublte hypnotic suggestion at the end. "See? they do have an agenda!" But what the hell is a dragon doing in Oz?


Then there is this clip (also via) from "Wheel of Fortune" and a big money-winning contestant who introduces his Fiance on national television and no one bats an eye. We're getting there, folks. Patience and perseverance.
I have more to say, but the day job was long and weird today (though not particularly stressful) and I am tired and want to go work on a new project, tonight. But I promise, more, anon.

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