Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Day Late

I believe that yesterday was actually "Rabbit Down the Hole Day," when bloggers were supposed to post differently than they usually do. I missed it, so sue me. I will post my RDHD (sounds like an acronym for some cognitive disorder) now.
Since almost every freakin' one of my FaceBook friends has been tagging me with this stupid task, here for all the world to see are:

25 Random Things About Me
1. I am the only actor to ever perform on the main stage of the NYC Ballet.
2. I had no imaginary friends as a child, though a monster named "Mr. Umph" lived in the walls.
3. I don't like sushi.
4. I broke my collarbone in 8th-grade gym class, vaulting a horse
5. I cry at cheesy tear-jerkers
6. As a high school junior, I was playing the Lion in "The Wizard of Oz," wearing a giant headpiece made out of about 50 skeins of wool. It was like wearing three afghans wrapped around my head, but I was glad to be rehearsing in it when a piece of Emerald City fell into me. That flat just bounced right off.
7. All of my best and longest friends were met in college or through theatre, or both.
8. Peter Jackson and I have something very important in common: The original 1933 version of "King Kong" is the movie that made me fall in love with movies when I was a kid, too.
9. The first "adult" album I ever bought for myself was Elton John's "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road." Sir Elton and Mr. Taupin at the height of their powers.
10. My sister and I can say one word and immediately have the other in pain with laughter. The list of words is surprisingly long and can be trigged by any thousands of different stimuli, and only she and I know all the words and what they mean - inside jokes almost boiled down to numbers. Family and friends are often perturbed by how bizarre our inside jokes seem to be (and they probably are), but I love that we have that.
11. The ONLY gin is Bombay Sapphire (and the only REAL Martini is Sapphire; in & out; up; no fruit).
12. For a week, I had a job cutting belts in a dress factory.
13. My first paying acting job was in a godawful original musical for an entire summer at a dinner theatre in -- are you ready? -- a FIREHALL. If the sirens went off, we had to freeze and hold until they stopped. Hand to God!
14. I once bleached my hair in order to convince an actor I was directing to bleach his. He agreed to do it only if i did it with him. One night after reheasal we went into the dressing room and the girls bleached our hair while we all got very drunk. I found out later that after I left, they all went on a 2 AM costume parade through Princeton.
15. I had a massive crush on my sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Manzo. She was awesome.
16. My paternal grandfather played clarinet in a popular local swing band in the 40's.
17. My paternal grandmother worked in a cigar factory.
18. My great-grandfather was a guard to the Crown of St. Stephen.
19. My grandmother was actually born in Transylvania, before it was absorbed into Romania.
20. I've been in three productions of "The Tempest" and never need to do so, again.
21. I have honestly lost track of how many productions I've worked on.
22. I really want another dog, but just can't right now.
23. I want to write a novel.
24. I prefer ground bison to ground beef.
25. I passed the written test to be on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire." I didn't pass the interview =(
More, soon.
The Italian Magician

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