Saturday, February 25, 2012

Retail Therapy

I'll start by assuming (a dangerous thing, I know) that my North American readers have not been living under rocks for the past month or so and know all about the Ellen Degeneres/J.C. Penney/One Million Moms thing. For those of you out of the know - U.S. retailer J.C Penney recently launched a new pricing policy. They hired out comedienne and America's favorite talk show host Ellen Degeneres to be their spokesperson. One Million Moms (a splinter group of SPLC listed hate group, American Family Association) announced a boycott of Penney's and demanded that the retailer fire Ellen, because she was gay. Thankfully, Penny's did not concede to the group's demands and stood by their choice to have Ellen represent them.


I know I posted about my car eating up much of my tax refund this year and I was rather depressed by that. But rather than wallow in the fact that I was out more than half of that refund, I used just under half of what remained today to indulge in some retail therapy. And what better place to do so, than J.C. Penney? They've always had a rather exceptional 'Big and Tall' department and since I qualify as both, I decided to spend my money at a retailer who not only offered fashionable clothing in my size, but also supported LGBT rights. Penney's new pricing policy allowed me to purchase 2 pairs of jeans, 4 shirts*, a belt and a pair of much-needed sunglasses for less than $200.00.

The cost of both gasoline and food may be on the rise, but I have to tout JCP for keeping the cost of fashionable, quality clothing affordable. If only as a political statement, spend your 'Pink Dollars' in a store that isn't afraid to be inclusive.

*BTW - 2 of those shirts were by well-known designers.

I urge you to keep supporting companies that support the LGBTQ community and keep raising your voices against the bigots and the haters. As they say, "The squeaky wheel gets the oil." Keep squeaking, loudly and proudly. 

More, anon.


DeepBlue said...

And to be oiled, do I need so bad!

*starts squeaking*

OK! I sound more like a cat in heat. Will it work anyway?


Prospero said...

I hear ya, buddy! I hear ya!