Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Even More Old Hollywood Hotties

Ramon Navarro
Because either my computer or Blogger was acting up last night, I didn't get to post every Old Hollywood Hottie I wanted to. So here are some more.

Down. boys (and gals)!

And keep scrolling down - Blogger seems to have a mind of its own, lately.

Henry Wilcoxon (with the gorgeous Claudette Colbert)

Tony Curtis

Gregory Peck

Jeffrey Hunter

Robert Conrad

Tab Hunter


I don't understand why Blogger is inserting these huge gaps between the pics and my text, I hope you managed to get down to this far.

And while you and I may find more than a few of today's hottest Hollywood hunks gorgeous and tantalizing, here's proof that many who have come before were just as desirable, delectable and deliriously sexy as Ryan; Chris; George; Jason or even Justin.

Let's face it, hot guys have been around forever. Seriously though - give me an hour with Robert Conrad from the 60's and I'll never complain about anything ever again.

More, anon.


Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

Blogger has issues sometimes with the formatting of pictures.

Prospero said...

So it would seem.

Stephen said...

Ramon Navarro's birthday is next week & I am planning a post.

Paul Newman
Steve McQueen
Gary Cooper
Harold Lloyd

Prospero said...

How gorgeous was Ramon in that picture? Yum!