Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Not Enough (or Too Much?) Product

This is What Happens When You Stop Going to a Gay Hairstylist

Look at the expressions on the faces of Rick "Frothy Mix" Santorum's wife and daughter as he speaks at the Conservative Political Action Committee meeting earlier this month. Neither one looks particularly proud or supportive of him. In fact, they look rather apologetic, don't they? It's almost as if they've been let out of the basement long enough to pretend to support the man who has repressed them all of their lives.

And their hair! Dear Lord! Victims or either too much or not enough Frothy Mix, or just the result of being forced to visit only straight hairdressers?

By now, you must all be aware of my disgust for Santorum* (as well as the other Repugnicans running for the party's Presidential nomination). But Santorum is the one who disturbs and disgusts me the most. His outright lies about LGBT people; his lack of concern for a woman's rights when it comes to reproductive health issues (he recently said that he is against abortion for the victims of rape and that such women should learn to turn "lemons into lemonade." WHAT!!!!!?????!!!!) and his insistence on bringing his religious views into his politics simply make me gag. His recent rant about President Obama's "fake theology" prove that he's insane, while his 2008 claim that "Satan has his sights set on... the United States of America" goes to show that his religion has clouded his judgement to the point where he cannot possibly serve as an impartial leader of our decidedly secular nation.

Of course, the really scary thing is that religious conservatives are actually listening to him. The KKK used to link Papists and Jews together as a common enemy, though now it seems that gays and Muslims have taken the place of Catholics in things which so-called "Christians" hate. And that's the operative word here: "Hate." Christians aren't supposed to hate anyone. "Love thine enemy as thou lovest thyself." I don't think the Bible could be more clear on this issue. 

You all know me, by now. You know I think religion is the 'blue pill.'  A politician who uses religion as the basis for his political beliefs is beyond reprehensible. Recent statistics (via) show that more than 28% of Americans have recently left their religions for either another religion or no religion at all. Over 16% of Americans say they have no religious affiliation and Catholicism has seen the greatest decrease in membership among every religion in American. Of course, cover-ups and hypocrisy amid accusations of priestly pedophilia have driven Catholics away from their church in droves, which makes me wonder why any modern politician would remain so staunchly proud of his affiliation with Roman Catholicism. Admittedly, Frothy Mix is hardly a modern politician. His antiquated views on so many issues make him one of the GOP's 'dinosaur candidates,' doomed to fall by the wayside on the wrong side of history. And I can't wait for that to happen. He may be riding high in his party now but he has no hope of beating Obama in November. And that, at least. gives me solace.

He's never made more sense...

*Spell Check keeps wanting me to change "Santorum" to "Sanitarium," which is obviously where he belongs. Clearly the programmers at Microsoft agree with me.

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