Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be My.... Braaaaiiiiiinnnnssss! ("Nebraska")

The last time I spent Valentine's Day with someone about whom I cared, he dumped me. That's right. We went to a romantic movie and then I bought him an expensive dinner at a 4-star restaurant, after which he told me he couldn't see me anymore. "It's not you," he said, using the oldest dump line in the book, "It's me." Pathetic, ain't it?

Which is why, even if I am in a relationship during February, I refuse to participate in the Hallmark Holiday. There are 364 other days on which to declare one's love. Why should I spend money on over-priced flowers, bad chocolates and a cheesy card on February 14th?

So tonight, after reveling in my work-party quiche win, I came home and finally watched the newest episode of AMC's "The Walking Dead."


Wow. After the season's first-half build to the amazing reveal of Sophia in the barn, I wasn't sure what would happen. The episode picked up right where the last one left off, with Rick still holding the gun that took out Walker Sophia as the others stood or sat in shock. When Beth tries to hold her supposedly dead mother in her arms, the not-quite-dead Walker tries to attack her and it is the now-hardened Laurie who takes the Walker out with a pickaxe through its head. 

The new episode both revealed many characters' weaknesses (Hershel starts drinking again after more than 20 years; while Maggie declares her for Glenn, whom she barely knows) and strengths (Carol admits that Sophia died a long time ago while Laurie nonchalantly picks up a Walker's arm that falls off the truck on its way to the pyre). When Beth collapses (either in grief or from shock), Rick decides to seek Hershel out in the nearby town's bar. Hershel, finally admitting that the Walkers are dead, has given up hope, but Rick tries to convince him that hope lies in those still living. Meanwhile, Dale continues to voice his concerns about the increasingly dangerous Shane, telling Laurie that he thinks Shane murdered Otis at the high school in order to retrieve the ventilator which saved Carl's life (which, in fact, is true).

At the bar, Rick, Glenn and Hershel are confronted by Jimmy and Tony, who have traveled south from Philadelphia and want to intimidate their way into joining the group at Hershel's farm. Laurie, intent on finding Hershel so he can help Beth, has a roadside encounter with a Walker, resulting in an accident which leaves her trapped in an over-turned car. Rick and Hershel tell Jimmy and Tony that there is no room at the farm for them, resulting in a shootout which leaves both Jimmy and Tony dead.

Again - wow. I can't wait to see where the rest of this season will take our survivors. Fort Benning now appears out of the question. And we still have no idea what Jenner whispered in Rick's ear before blowing up the CDC. Can the volatile Shane be trusted not to kill again? And what happened to Merle after he severed his hand in order to escape from the department store roof? And will we ever see Morgan and his son again? So many questions...

Television's best Horror series continues to get better and better.

More, anon.

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Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

Oh well. /hugs to Mr. P. I've never had a boyfriend. Admittedly my standards are high. And by high, I'm not talking about looks. I'm talking about this...a potential boyfriend must have a job (I will not support someone), must have their own car, and cannot be drowning in $20,000 in debt that they expect me to pay off.

Seriously...I attract nothing but losers. People who think "I might have a shot with Mike because he's older and probably more desperate..."

What the fuck ever. I'd rather spend Valentine's Day alone than with the expectation of supporting someone in exchange for love.