Thursday, February 9, 2012

"Iron Sky" Part III

A quickie tonight. I had a music rehearsal and I'm beat. Composer Marc Shaiman, while brilliant, is a sadist. "You Can't Stop the Beat" is an incredibly hard song to sing - there's no place to catch your breath! Or maybe I'm just getting old.

Anyway, it was way back in February of 2009 that I first blogged about Iron Sky, the Sci-Fi Comedy Adventure movie about a colony of Nazis on the dark side of the Moon who return to take over the Earth in 2018. Well, it looks like Iron Sky finally has a release date - April 4 - in Finland! No word on a U.S. date yet, but you can visit the film's official website and Demand It.

The movie features genre legend Udo Kier (Blade; Melancholia) and French beauty Julia Dietze as Moon Nazis and a cast of relative unknowns in a high-as-they-come high concept movie that I've been salivating to see for three years. 

Oh, and there's an official trailer, now. Enjoy:

And here's the brilliant teaser trailer that I posted way back when:

It seems like Iron Sky is going to be either brilliantly campy fun, or a complete piece of drek. I'm hoping for the former.

More, anon.


Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

I'm sorry but Iron Sky looks stupid. Perhaps it can find a nice mentally retarded audience to squeeze some money from but I won't be going.

Prospero said...

It does look stupid. That's half the fun!