Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Web Has Lost Its Mind

What the...? It seems that embedded videos in all the blogs I regularly visit (including my own) have disappeared. Has Anonymous hacked YouTube? Has Vimeo been taken down by hackers? If so, to what end? I don't get it. I've even noticed that commenters have noticed. On Bits and Pieces, one commenter wrote: "The videos don't work! I broke the Internet!" 

Of course, as I write this post, the videos seem to have been restored. And I'm sure that whatever happened is my fault. I've finally met someone and am happy. There had to be a price to pay...

No, my self-esteem isn't quite that low. I know there was some weird technical glitch somewhere that was resolved by someone far more technically savvy than Uncle P (and trust me, it doesn't take much to be more technically savvy than me). Perhaps I can blame it on all the idiots I talked to today. No, I talk to idiots everyday - why should today be any different?

Personally, I don't care why or how what happened, happened. I'm just happy it seems to have resolved. And so my love/hate relationship with the World Wide Web continues unabated. We can all relax again and enjoy cat videos to our hearts' content:

Am I growing cynical? Man, I hope not.

Of course, ShareThis is still not working... (sigh...).

More, anon.

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