Friday, February 1, 2013

First 1st Date In a Very Long Time

I Hope He's Not a "Dud"
So, having (mostly deliberately) been single for quite some time, it suddenly dawned on Uncle P that he wasn't getting any younger. And while I have so many wonderful and loving friends in my life, I hated being the 5th or 7th at dinner. And not just that; I missed intimate contact. So, a few months ago I joined a couple of dating sites, hoping to meet someone who wasn't just out for a booty call. 

I corresponded with some very attractive and very interesting people, most of whom were as far away as Sweden and Brazil. Not exactly conducive to a serious relationship, though they helped me get a feel for the online dating thing in the 21st Century (it can be very scary out there).  Now you must remember, I am a man of size and well-over 40. My chances of finding a life partner at this point in my life are... well, let's say 'low.' I met my last BF online through AOL, so you know how long ago that was...

About three weeks ago, I was contacted by T, through one of the sites I'd joined. He lived within driving distance; we shared more than a few traits in common and from his photos on the site where we were matched, he seemed reasonably attractive. We went back and forth through the site's email system a few times and then went to personal emails which soon led to texting and actual phone conversations and even more photo sharing. We thought we might have a connection and finally decided we should meet. Tonight was that meeting.

Now, Uncle P is no fool. Hannibal Lecter; Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy all looked great on paper.  T and I met at a chain restaurant (where our server was an theatre acquaintance of mine) for a few drinks, appetizers and dessert. I arrived first and secured a booth with a view of the door and waited (I have a habit of being early, except when it counts -- oops! TMI?). I waited, a little more than nervous and warming my hands by alternately blowing and sitting on them. I texted him: "I'm here. Got a booth with a view of the door." 

I couldn't help but have this bit of nonsense running through my mind:

A few minutes later, T arrived and I waved. He waved back and approached and we both had broad smiles on our faces. My anxiety level dropped almost immediately.

T was not only even more attractive in real life, but funny, warm and very sweet. Easy to smile and laugh with a devilish cleft chin, T was, well... charming. Over the next several hours we talked about tons of things (including brief stops on exes; theatre; sports; work; movies; parents; friends and who the hell knows what else), all the while (warning - Cheese Alert) playing 'footsie' under the table. We both admitted that friends had offered escape plans if things weren't going well, but neither of us used them. Two and and half hours flew by and I can't remember the last time I had such a good time on a first date.

And you will all be proud to note that as much as I wanted to do so much more than play 'footsie' with T, we both retired to our own homes for the evening, after the promise of a second date and some rather chaste kisses in the parking lot.

I must admit, I'm feeling a lot better about myself than I have in a long time. Of course, I'm not counting any chickens, but I am very much looking forward to Date # 2. And I'm so glad that tonight was nothing like this:

Bad movie. Very good first date.

More, anon.


Mrs. Clarke said...

yay! so glad you had a good time! :) xoxo

Unknown said...

I like your apparent joy in life. Hope "Nemo", as this storm is being called, doesn't spoil your second date. I too, am "d'un age," so I admire your valor in wading back in. It's a strange world out there for us grown-up gay men, but maybe I'll wade back in one o' these days. Hope the 2nd date is great and remember your joy is one your traits to put right up front. Mike

Prospero said...

Thanks, Mike. Good luck out there...