Sunday, February 17, 2013

1.47 Million and Counting

1.47 Million?! Holy Cow!
I don't often check my blog stats. I don't really care if people are reading what I have to write. I started Caliban's Revenge as a way to document the process of producing and directing a play. Over time, it's developed into so much more.

It's become my place to vent; reminisce; critique; comment and talk about how I view the world in the so-called "Information Age." And while I may have only 57 'official' followers, I know there are plenty of folks who read these posts regularly, even though they don't 'follow' the blog. And they certainly aren't shy about letting me know they read it, especially on Facebook.

So tonight, wondering if I should talk about the awesome time I had last night (a young friend joined me for his very visit to a gay bar - The Raven Inn in New Hope, PA*) or some other topic, I figured I might as well check my stats. And I was floored by what I found.

In the 4 and half or so years since I started writing Caliban's Revenge, it has been visited over 1.47 million times. Of course, I have no idea how many people have actually read what I'm writing. I have no doubt that some people just Googled some random topic and were led here, only to discover this wasn't what they were looking for. I also have no idea how many people found the blog randomly and liked what they saw and kept coming back (except for those 57 brave souls who publicly admit that they like what I have to say enough to follow me).

My followers (that sounds FOX TV creepy) are horror fans, movie fans, gay folks and a few real-life friends. My readers are from all over the world (in occasionally weird and remote places), though mostly here in the U.S. The vast majority of hits come from Google searches (some of whom are undoubtedly looking for the truly awful thrash-metal song of the same name). While one reader in particular seems bent on posting hateful, homophobic comments (all of which are rejected, so I don't know why this self-hating troll keeps trying) even folks with dissenting opinions have been respectful and polite. 

I have no idea how long Caliban's Revenge will continue. I know plenty of bloggers who have shut down their bogs and/or created new ones. My friend Stephen in Chicago gave up his blog and now exclusively posts on Facebook, while my friend Pax in NJ has turned from Horror to photography. Personally, I plan to stick around for a while. At least until I'm too senile to post things that make sense. Or until my fingers have become too arthritic to type. Or my death. Whichever comes first, I guess.

If you are a follower, I thank you. If you are just a regular reader, I thank you. If you are a friend who reads because you think you have to, I won't be hurt if you don't. If you've stumbled across my nonsense by accident - Welcome! I hope you stay.

Know that I will never stop having opinions about many things; I'll never stop loving movies and horror; I'll always be honest when I write and I'll always try to keep it interesting. 

Thanks for your support. And here's a bit of random nonsense for you:

More, anon.

*Bucks County's only gay bar, since The Cartwheel burned down...

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Stephen said...

Congrats! You are brilliant & geeky. I love you.