Friday, June 17, 2011

A Night of R&R

That cutie-pie looks well-rested, doesn't he? Tonight is the first of my last 2 nights off before "hell week" begins for Die Mommie Die! I caught up on my guilty pleasure, "America's Got Talent" (three weeks in, and still no successor to Prince Poppycock, but there's still time) and not-as-guilty pleasure "The Glades," a Florida-set police procedural starring the very adorable Matt Passmore on A&E. 

Tomorrow will be a day for shopping, housework and more mind-clearing entertainment. I had flirted with the idea of seeing Green Lantern but after reading numerous bad reviews, I decided to wait for it OnDemand. I mean, why bother seeing the Sexiest Man Alive when his perfect physique is covered up in a CGI costume?

Most of my work with the cast of Die Mommie Die is done... There will be some minor tweaking here and there, but the bulk of my attention will now be on the technical aspects of the show: lighting, sound, set, costumes and makeup. Of course, most of the actors are ready - they just need an audience to feed them energy. The set will go up Sunday and Monday. My lighting designer is a genius who I trust implicitly (and who, after several years of working  together, knows exactly what I want) and the sound designer has been three steps ahead of me all the way. The costumer is a genius with needle and thread and I'm doing the main character's makeup myself, so I think we're pretty good to go. Directing a show is probably the closest a man can come to giving birth... While my physical pain is certainly far less than a woman's in labor, my angst is probably off the charts. At this point, I just have to breathe.. 

I'll leave you with this, apropos of nothing, except that it makes me smile (and a little angry):

More, anon.

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