Friday, June 10, 2011

The Gayest Flashmob You'll See This Week

Okay, enough acrimony for this week. The whole Tracy Morgan thing has exploded on the web and his career will soon be joining Michael Richards' and Mel Gibson's in the land of "Whatever Happened To...?" And good riddance.

It's time to have some fun at Caliban's Revenge.

If you've been a long-time reader (Hi Sean! Hi Stephens! Love you guys!), you know Uncle P loves me some good flashmob. My all-time fave is the Bondi Beach 2009 Pride flashmob featuring Australia's most famous drag performer, Joyce Maynge. I've been dying to put one together myself and still hope to do so. I just need the right reason and the right venue.

But Knotdance, a Pittsburgh based dance company put together a highly entertaining, though relatively brief, flashmob to celebrate Pittsburgh Pride. It features some amazingly acrobatic dancing and a living Pride Rainbow. Please enjoy (via):

Hopefully, I'll be home in time tomorrow night to post my review of Super 8.

More, anon.

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