Sunday, March 13, 2011

Too Pooped to Peep

I have no real explanation for my total exhaustion tonight, other than the damned Daylight Savings Time. And by the way - there isn't actually an extra hour of daylight. The day is still pretty evenly divided - it's just our perception being fooled into thinking there's an extra hour... yes, the sun sets later in the spring and summer than in the fall and winter... but still.

That hour just killed me. I spent most of my day plopped on the couch watching bad movies. I actually sat through all of Meet Dave, Eddie Murphy's 2008 Sci-Fi comedy, which was just as bad one would expect (I was especially offended by Pat Kilbane's ridiculously stereotypical gay character). Filled with lame toilet humor and jokes about culture shock we've seen a hundred times before, Meet Dave is probably the worst movie I've seen since Pluto Nash, though I haven't seen Norbit (and have no intentions of doing so).

I could talk about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan (go to The Red Cross' website to donate); the situation in North Africa and the Middle East; the price of gas; the economy in general or any number of other topics... but I just don't want to. 

My warm, cozy bed is calling and I am going to answer.

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