Thursday, February 17, 2011

I've Been Super(hero) Thor and Remiss

February may well be Black History Month, but it is also Women in Horror Month and while I've spent the month talking about movies and gay things, I've neglected the ladies who over the years have given Uncle P so much pleasure... (no, not that kind of pleasure, you pervs!).

And I'm still going to neglect them (at least until tomorrow night when I will have time to give them their proper props).

Tonight, it's still about gay things. Or at least, things gay boys like looking at. Like Chris Hemsworth in Kenneth Branagh's entry into the Marvel superhero canon.

The latest trailer (featuring Marvel's patented 'hospital meltdown scene') for Thor is now on line, and I am pleased to share it with you, below. As they move toward their 2012 Avengers movie, headed by Joss Whedon  and featuring Iron Man; Captain America; The Incredible Hulk, Nick Fury; Black Widow and Quasar (among others), Marvel is going all out this coming season with Thor and Captain America scheduled to enthrall fan-boys everywhere with their on-screen daring-do.

Hemsworth sure is purty... and Black Swan star Natalie Portman is on hand to lend some legitimate movie cred to this admittedly silly entry in the Marvel Universe. My only real objection here is the gratuitous use of GD 3D.. do we really need to see Thor's hammer flying off the screen? Still, Branagh's previous directorial efforts have been (with the possible exception of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and the remake of Sleuth) quite good. I have my concerns about the once-great Anthony Hopkins as Odin, but it appears he has a cameo, more than anything. So watch and tell me what you think:

I'll be back with my take on Women in Horror (a rather lengthy post, no doubt) tomorrow. Until then...

More, anon.

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