Friday, February 4, 2011

Fake Movies!

Man, I'd love to see a movie called Elvis Versus Godzilla, wouldn't you? I imagine it would be filled with hip-swiveling, fire-breathing, rock-'em sock-'em action.  Though I imagine the big screen versions of Gilligan's Island (perfect casting, by the way); Matlock 2040; The King of Space; Action Doctor; Smoke Jumpers; The Cookie Thief; Death Goat and The Gecko would all be a little less than what most people would define as "good."

And it's not just movie posters that are being faked these days. Entire trailers and even almost entire fake movies are being made, though if they exist, I suppose they aren't exactly fake, are they? Still folks are putting lots of effort into making trailers for movies that don't exist (at least not yet). Point in case - Michael Deak, a former makeup and effects artist has a YouTube channel for his fake B-movie trailers, which I found thanks to the wackos over at BoingBoing. Here's a prime example of his work, the trailer for The Long Dead Smell (which is probably one of the most hilarious movie titles, ever):

Then there are the folks who do "mash-up" trailers, combining existing material from different movies to create a trailer for an altogether different non-existent movie, like this one for Vampire the Masquerade:

And then there are the full-on joke trailers, such as this one for The Mystery Guest:

Or Titanic: The Sequel:

And there's this painstakingly created trailer for a live-action version of the animated series "Thundercats," which I am sure I have posted before:

Still, Entertainment Weekly may well have found the most brilliant fake movie of all time. The good folks at College Humor have discovered that editing all the McBain scenes featured in "The Simpsons" actually add up to an almost complete movie, with rather hilarious results:


While I may prefer real movies to fake ones, I am almost in awe of the film fans who have both the time and  resources to create these tributes to a truly American art form. And I look forward to the day when I can post a real trailer for a movie made from one of my own screenplays. 

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