Monday, February 28, 2011


I'm not to usually one to talk about about fashion and red carpet appearances (ask me sometime about the JTMF 5 Year Gala and my rented tux), though this year's Oscars featured some amazingly good and stunningly bad couture.

On the good side: Hailee Steinfeld in a beautiful and age-appropriate dress that made her look like a princess; Jennifer Hudson in a tangerine confection that showed off her new svelte body in amazing detail; Sandra Bullock in a stunning red gown which evoked Old Hollywood Glamor; Mila Kunis in romantic lavender lace; Helena Bonham Carter in a Gothic tribute to costume design; Hilary Swank in a flowing gossamer gown; Oprah Winfrey in a corseted dress that amazingly matched the set and co-host Anne Hathaway in 8 different looks (my favorite being her last gown - a stunning cobalt blue dress that proved her the heir to Katherine Hepburn's Oscar style).

On the bad side: The usually fabulous Nicole Kidman, who looked like she stepped out of the 1980 version of Flash Gordon; gorgeous Scarlett Johansson in a frumpy plum lace mess made worse by her terrible hairstyle; Jennifer Lawrence in an elongated red t-shirt and almost most heinous of all - Melissa Leo in a dress that looked like a broken mirror ball glued onto a distressed pant suit.

None of them however, compared to the Sci-Fi monstrosity worn by the usually gorgeous Cate Blanchett (seen in the picture above). A lavender beaded gown with leather Star Wars shoulders and puke-yellow beaded accents, the usually gorgeous Cate looked like Darth Vader's date to the Imperial Ball. 

Sadly, that's all I really have to say about this year's Academy Awards. Except maybe that I thought Hathaway would have done better on her own, without the obviously stoned Franco. She sure seemed to be having as good a time as Uncle P would have tried to have. Kudos to Colin Firth and Natalie Portman, who both deserved to win, even if no one was surprised to see them do so.

I'll leave you with this, apropos of nothing, really:

More, anon.

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Andrew said...

I agree on Blanchett's dress being horrible....
I was surprised to hear some fashion commentators praising it. The whole time I saw her, I kept thinking about that weird round patch on the front of the dress. What is it, some kind of boob access panel?