Monday, December 20, 2010

The 'Religious Right' Continues to Lie

The image on the left is what the so-called 'Religious Right' would have you think about when you think about the repeal of DADT. Truly, this is what they want you to believe is going to happen when gay men and women are allowed to finally serve openly in the military. The Religious Right must watch a lot of gay porn.

When I think about gay soldiers; marines; sailors and airmen serving openly, I picture folks like Lt. Dan Choi; Major Mike Almy; Sgt. Darren Manzella; and Major Margaret Witt. All of them were discharged under "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." And every one of them was willing their lay their lives on the line for the country they love.

After promising to end the outright ban on gays and lesbians serving in the military, Bill Clinton came under fire from the conservative right and thought DADT was a workable compromise. Today, the former President regrets that decision. More servicemen and women have been discharged under DADT in its 17 year history, than under the outright ban, itself. And while most members of our military forces will admit to knowing a gay or lesbian comrade, they will also tell you that they don't care. And while a devout pacifist, I understand the need for effective protection against those who would try to destroy what America stands for. 

"Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness." That applies to every American citizen: Black; White; Hispanic; Asian; Christian; Muslim; Buddhist; Taoist; Hindi; Shamanistic; gay; straight; bi-sexual; transgendered; asexual and anything else (within reason) one can think of. If you are willing to die for my right to those precepts, why should I (or anyone else) care who you sleep with? I shouldn't. And neither should anyone else. 

Now that DADT has been repealed, I can only assume the "Religious Right' will take on same-sex marriage, stem-cell research and abortion. And I also assume that those of us who can think rationally will continue to expose those people for the liars they are. I recently commented on a friend's blog that while I was against publicly outing those people (celebrities, in particular) who choose to remain in the closet, I was all for outing religious leaders and politicians who decry homosexuality in the pulpit and on the dais, but practice it in their bedrooms. Liars and hypocrites should (and deserve) to be exposed for who they really are, especially when they spread their hate, fear and ignorance among those who trust and believe them.

The repeal of DADT is just the beginning of social justices for the LGBT community and I hope that it adds impetus to the so-called "Gay Agenda." LGBT rights are simply Human Rights, and anyone who thinks otherwise is not  (and never will be) a friend of mine. It's been a while since I talked politics, but recent events and the Right's response has gotten me a bit worked up.

Okay. Another rant over. Go about your business. But watch (and listen) to people like Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper, Dan Savage and Michelangelo Signorelli. Fight the good fight against ignorance and intolerance. Let the liars know we aren't about to let them win.

More, anon.

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Mrs. Pine said...

hear, hear! well said. human rights is always true!