Thursday, December 2, 2010

Has Someone Finally Made a Scary Ghost Movie?

This is a real quickie tonight. The show opens tomorrow and I have 8 and half billion things to do, but I miss you. It kills me that I can't remember what site I came across the trailer I'm posting below, and feel bad that I can't properly attribute it. It might've been i09 or BoingBoing or My New Plaid Pants

Anyway, the movie advertised is the feature debut of writers/directors The Vicious Brothers, Grave Encounters. Another "found footage" movie like The Blair Witch Project; Cloverfield and Paranormal Activity. It concerns the long-hidden last episode of a cable-TV paranormal investigation show, like "Ghost Hunters," called "Grave Encounters." When the team takes on the challenge of spending the night in a secluded, labyrinthine former madhouse with a reputation of being 'the most haunted building on the planet in North America' the fun is just beginning.  Personally, I have issues with shows like "Ghost Hunters" and its ilk. It's far too easy to fake anything on these programs; shyster mediums have been doing those tricks for centuries. The only thing that changes is the technology with which they can now be done. Like aliens, until I come face-to-face with ghost, I remain a skeptic.

Still, once I watched the trailer, I knew I had to see this film and there would be no satisfaction until I do. Which may be a while. The film is currently without a distributor, but is being shown at private screenings, presumably in search of a distributor. Watch the trailer and tell me what you think.

Yikes! As much as I am skeptical, I know what the psychology of a place can do your own psychology, and I wouldn't spend so much as five minutes in the place, let alone be locked in overnight, no matter how fake I knew my show might be.
And here's another bit of viral advertising for the movie, an "unaired promo for 'Grave Encounters'":

I truly hope that Grave Encounters can be as good as it's trailer, despite the "seen-it" ghost face FX. Uncle P got fooled by the dreadful Paranormal Activity, but it was a very different kind of trailer. I'll be going with mixed-expectations and hoping that the last truly scary ghost movie wasn't made in 1963 and that we'll never see its like, again... What do you think? Does Grave Encounters look scary to you?

More, anon.

P.S. - If you didn't click the link to "The show" at the top of the post, please know it is a link to a podcast about It's a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play.Hear Uncle P, Dear D and a few others gabbing about the show and what the JTMF does and is about.

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